Thrive in your craft when you partner with The Cobblers, the largest restoration marketplace for luxury footwear and handbags.

About The Cobblers Magic Miami

Why The Cobblers Marketplace?

What to expect.

Set your schedule.

As an independent contractor,
you decide when and how often you work.
Earn more.

When you get paid to create,
your performance bases your earnings.
Get support.

Easily connect in community to find the right skills and promote your services.

With a pursued vision to partner with expert artisans and secure the next generation of talent, our unified marketplace infrastructure is reshaping the repair industry and redirecting fashion trends. Our performance-based model is a form-breaking development that is bringing artisans a new way to thrive as their own boss.

Together, we can revive an old world craft through master artistry and technology, all while cultivating a retail movement that favors sustainability in the face of disposable luxury.

Life at The Cobblers is about sharing responsibility and creating great work together. We take pride in the many unique perspectives and expertise that our community brings to the table everyday. That community is at the heart of this business and social cohesion is what drives success— 
we are here to support you!

Getting paid to create.

The Cobblers Marketplace commission structure is designed to stimulate growth in the artisanal sector. We support artisans of all experience levels. Your productivity determines your earnings! Our performance-based model focuses on two components: time within the marketplace and evaluated skill level. Through this model and training, you have countless opportunities to grow as an artisan and thrive as your own boss.

To complement these efforts, our marketplace community provides technical assistance through 
The Cobblers Academy. Artisans of all experience levels can hone their skills in specific departments and expedite promotion to higher commission levels.

Customer paid: $149
Artisan take-home 40% : $59.60

Customer paid: $49.95
Artisan take-home
 40% : $19.98
Customer paid: $350
Artisan take-home 40% : $140

We encourage new members in our community to learn and cross-train with other artisans in the marketplace.  Ensure you’ll be able to invest time in familiarizing yourself with our services and getting to know other artisans is part of your journey. Artisans will be evaluated at the end of their first two weeks. At this point, we will determine if further training will be beneficial. It is also at this time that artisans fully transition into our performance-based model.

*Hours recorded based on services performed

For all stages of life and levels of experience.

Have a passion? Develop a craft! With access to paying opportunities at The Cobblers Marketplace, students have a huge advantage in earning a living while sharpening their skill sets in The Cobblers Academy. Through our online classes and lab workshops, our instructors are able to give individualized attention to every student.

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