The Cobblers is thrilled to introduce a partnership with Koio! We continue our commitment to sustainability by offering Koio customers across the United States seamless repairs. 
The Cobblers, the world's largest restoration marketplace for premium and luxury footwear and handbags that empowers consumers to extend the use and life of their treasured items and connects artisans with customers, is proud to announce its newest partnership with KOIO, a New York based brand selling luxury shoes with a modern stylish design and unparalleled sustainable Italian craftsmanship. KOIO, as a promoter of environmental sustainability, develops footwear products that are designed and developed to last a lifetime.
Beginning July 2021, The Cobblers will provide a front-end portal that seamlessly connects into KOIO’s website and retail spaces, allowing KOIO customers to easily select shoe repair services. KOIO, with a framework for sustainability that focuses on minimizing contribution to landfills, will now be able to offer their sustainably conscious customers a simple solution to repairing and caring for their shoes.
With a commitment to ensuring a brighter, healthier future for the planet, this partnership expertly joins KOIO’s luxurious, high-end sustainable Italian craftsmanship, with The Cobblers community of master artisans, to create a new era for luxury footwear that will last a lifetime. KOIO customers can place their restoration orders by visiting:

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